What Are Some Tips To Follow For Grand Piano Storage

It can be quite a difficult task when you are moving and storing a piano. Not only a piano is delicate equipment, but with that, it is heavy as well as big enough. It takes large enough space in the room. There are certain precautions that need to be taken while it is being moved so that there is no damage. Whether your piano was an investment for your children or it has been in the family since generation, it is very wise to choose the option of piano storage. When you are moving your piano, hire a professional to move it and store it in climate-controlled storage so that it can be kept safe until transported to your new place.

Here are the tips to follow for grand piano storage:

Choose a Climate Controlled Storage:

It is a bad idea to choose storage which is not climate-controlled. This is because the wood from which the piano is made as well as the soundboard is very temperature sensitive. The wood can even turn bad in the fluctuating moisture. The temperature change can really destroy the wood and could easily lead to weakening and warping of the wood. The piano makers recommend storing the piano in the places which have more stable temperatures. This is why it is very important to choose the storage place very carefully.

Get Your Piano Clean:

The other you need to be sure of is that your piano is clean and polished from outside. You do not want any type of dirt which can put scratches on your piano. The polish is going to make the sage from getting any type of dirt as well as drying out in the storage. To protect the keys, you can lay a clean white cloth on the keys and then close the lid carefully so that that the cloth stays in its place. The reason to put the cloth on the keys is that it will keep the dust from getting into the keys as long as the piano is in the storage.

Keep The Piano Covered:

Make sure that the piano is well padded once it is in the piano storage. It must be covered with the heavy moving blankets which can easily protect the piano from the dirt and the moisture. You must cover the padded piano with a large sheet as for the last layer for the protection. Never put anything on the piano, once it is in the storage.

Hire Professionals:

There are various professional piano movers who also provide you with the service of grand piano storage. They can easily guide you with safe storage procedures. These companies are very much reliable as they will be keeping your piano in climate-controlled storages and will be checking your piano on a regular basis. These movers may even tune the piano for you when you are bringing your piano back home.

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