How to deal with insomnia without the need for medication

According to statistics, more than 30% of people suffer from insomnia, and the largest percentage being women. This is a cause for alarm since millions of people around the world struggle to fight this menace of sleeplessness.

Indeed, it is so disturbing to stay awake almost all night, or to fall asleep and you can’t maintain it throughout the night. When it happens on a regular basis, it becomes a condition, insomnia, that needs to be addressed to restore the good health, and fruitful sleeping habit.

What causes insomnia?

Perhaps just to touch on some of the few causes, it is important to understand that it is a product of lifestyle, habits, or even the food we eat that makes us become sleepless at night. Some of the causes that are known to cause insomnia include taking much caffeine before sleep, smoking cigarettes, psychological issues, and medical conditions.

It is a fact that there are many possible causes, and that treatment of insomnia can be medical or behavioral. Therefore, before going for medical treatment, you should first try the behavioral or lifestyle treatment and we are going to address that in the following pointers:

Avoid alcohol

Taking alcohol has become a lifestyle for some people, and according to statistics, about 20% of Americans drink alcohol regularly to help them sleep. But the reality is that, alcohol has been found to interfere with the brain and hence affects the sleep homeostasis. The best thing to do in this case is to avoid taking alcohol with the hope that it would restore your healthy sleep patterns.

No caffeine before sleep

Taking caffeine before sleep is ruining it. If you are already suffering from insomnia, don’t add salt to that injury by taking caffeine before bed. It has been found that caffeine is a strong stimulant that can stay active in the brain for about 15 hours. That means afternoon caffeine is not recommended for people suffering sleeplessness. Though caffeine is helpful in some cases, it is only advisable to abandon taking them when its nearing bed-time.

Comfortable bedding

Comfortable bedding involves use of clean and quality blankets, mattresses, and sheets among other kind of bedding that you have. There are some of the beddings that have been known to be good for people suffering from insomnia and that could include weighted blanketsand comfortable mattresses. Therefore, if you want to have that fruitful sleep, you need the best quality bedding.

Regular sleeping pattern

It is important to maintain a regular sleep pattern as that has been known to cure sleeplessness. Going to bed and rising at the same time daily is helpful in combating this situation, not unless you are working on night shifts. Therefore, when it comes to sleep time, don’t consider doing anything else but instead, collect your thoughts, and go to bed. You might need to set some alarm to wake you up in the morning so that you can keep that regular pattern in an effort to restore your healthy sleep habits.

Some little exercises

Exercises are also important. You should consider some hours to commit to exercises but it should not be too close to bedtime. It has been found that exercises activate the brain and enhances smooth flow of blood. That in turn triggers normal functioning of the body, and in that way, you can sleep better when you carry out some exercises than when not.

Clean bedroom environment

This sounds one of the obvious things. If you sleep in a dirty bedroom, there are chances that you will experience more hours of sleeplessness than when you sleep in a clean environment. It is, therefore, important to check on the bedroom hygiene. Your blankets, mattress, and the environment should be clean so that you can sleep without interference. The room should be free of dust, and other irritating conditions, and that is one of the ways of dealing with sleeplessness.

Collect your thoughts before bed

Don’t leave your mind to wonder when on bed. If there is anything that you must plan, do that before going to bed such that when you are there, you only concentrate on one thing, to sleep. The mind is a dynamic mechanism and you can never exhaust having plans running but you need to recollect so that when you go to bed, you are not interrupted to think of other things that would arise.

Insomnia being a condition that affects majority of people, these solutions have been tried and have worked for some people. Therefore, before trying medication, you need first to check on your lifestyle and habits that would be causing the situation, then apply appropriate solution.

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