Factors to Consider While Performing ASO Marketing for Your Android App

The way business owners and developers are investing in Android mobile app development, it is not wrong to say that the Android market is getting overflooded. While the users are getting confused with hundreds of options available for performing the same tasks, the developers are struggling to get the desired outcomes from their applications.

The Android mobile apps are finding hard to make their presence in the Android market and get downloads – even when developed using state-of-the-art technologies and exclusive features.

In such a scenario, one best method to improve your app presence is ASO. Used as a shorthand of App Store Optimization, it is the process to optimize your app page on the Google Play Store such that it becomes more visible to the potential users and gain more traffic and downloads.

Sounds interesting? Wondering how to do ASO effectively? What are the factors that are must to consider when optimizing your app page for Google Play Store?

This article will give you a quick glance of the same. So, get excited and scroll down to see the first factor.

  • Keyword

The foremost thing to consider for making your app popular is keywords, i.e, the phrases that users use to search for any app feature or functionality. This is because keywords solely constitute 80% of the overall app popularity in the market.

So, perform extensive market research and look for the right keywords to use with your application, just like what you did before the beginning of Android mobile app development process. Add these keywords wisely in the title, description and other content-related areas such that it does not seems stuffing. This will make your app seem more genuine to the Play Store and result in higher ranking when the related keyword is searched by the users.

  • App Category

Just as above, assigning the right category and type to your Android mobile app is also an effective method to gain higher downloads when users look for any related to the related category.

  • App Icon

App Icon is the first thing that is noticed in an application. So, put your best attention into designing an app icon that prompts users to tap on it and go through your app page. Add a simple app icon that does not hold any text content and clearly describes what your app is meant for.

  • Title

Besides the app icon, another thing that makes a major difference in your application presence in the market is its title. As per the top Android mobile app development companies, a title should be concise, engaging and describe the prime purpose of your app. Besides the title should be optimized in one of these four types:-

  • Brand name: Keyword(s)
  • Keyword(s): Brand name
  • Brand name – Keyword(s)
  • Keyword(s) – Brand name
  • Description

Google Play Store empowers Android mobile app users to add two different types of descriptions into their app page – namely a short description and a longer description. While the short description is of 80 characters and should be employed to describe your app’s purpose, the longer description of 4000 characters can be considered for highlight what problems will your Android app focuses on, what features it has, how to use it, and so on.

  • App Screenshots and Video

Since visual content boosts engagement, adding app screenshots and videos also bring a significant impact on the app popularity. These images and videos help the users know more about the application and get an overview of its design and navigation flow even before downloading it. This generates a positive impression on smartphone users and increases the chances of higher conversion.

Now, when talking about images and videos upload, Google Play Store empowers the mobile application development companies to share the URL of the app video they uploaded on their YourTube channel. Whereas, the Play Store demands to add a 24-bit png or jpeg file of a 320×384 dimension such that the screenshots showcase the prime functionalities of your app and the app navigation flow.

  • App Localization

App Localization, i.e, the process of converting your app content into local languages, is also a decent method to enjoy higher app presence on the Play Store. And this can be proven with the fact that users pay more attention to apps with content and services available in their native language, which implies

When you localize your mobile app, the users feel an urge to tap on your app icon and spend more time on it, which enhances the chances of conversions and thus, bring higher business. So, look forward to understanding how to do Mobile App Localization to increase its conversion rate by 200%.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Though often overlooked, the Ratings and Reviews of a mobile application also make a difference in the overall app presence. If your app has more negative feedback, the user will not consider it as a authentic and good option to go with. Besides, the Play Store will consider your application as an average one with no customers interested in it.

Whereas, in the other case, if your app holds really good ratings and reviews, both users and App Store will notice your app, resulting in higher app downloads.

So, here were the factors that you should consider to perform ASO marketing for your Android mobile app and drive higher downloads and ROI. Keep them into consideration when submitting your app or whenever you are rolling out an app update, and reap the benefits.

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