Best Wireless Remote Control for Android TV Box

Due to the advanced technology all around us, we want to have all the quick and new features with us. We want to purchase the things which would make our life feasible and easier. When we are talking about TV, it is something which is in every household. Everyone loves to watch TV in their past time no matter how busy they are. However, if you have the Android TV box, then there is no reason to miss out on watching television.

You can listen to Islamic lectures online and also record them for future preferences. You can learn a lot about your religion and also listen to the naat online. When you purchase the Android TV box, you want there are all the features which would please you. The great quality of sound and video is the top priority of every user when they purchase the Android TV Box. Well, to have the optimum usage of this device, you need to have the right remote control for it.

You can get the wireless remote control to access all the features and make the best use of the AndroidTV box. Here is a little information before we get to the remote control part. You can visit this website for more information CDHPL.

Android TV Boxes

The Android TVBoxes are of compact and small sizes. They can fit anywhere around your television with making it an extraordinary one. Instead of watching the same repeated channels on TV, now you have access to multiple sources of information by connecting it to the internet. You can stream the Islamic lectures and videos online and view them conveniently on the TV directly. With the good Wi-Fi connection and set up of the box, you will be able to get the perfect results out of this box.

How does it work?

It is simple to get started as the instructions would be in the box. You have to connect it to the TV and theinternet connection which you have. Install any application on the Android smartphone and then play it on the television to view the Islamic videos. We know that the best streaming website is YouTube so you can find thousands of naat and Islamic lectures to listen to all day long. You can save the content to view it later and even attend the live sessions on TV through this box. It is an amazing device which makes the TV smart for you and you do not have to miss out on any Islamic lecture anymore.

Now let’sget to the remote control which you can buy with the android boxes. Those are compatible and present in the boxes most of the time but if they are not then you have to get one of these which will work perfectly with any brand of the android box you have in the house.

Top 3 Remote Controls for Android TV Box

Mi TV Box

The sleek and slim look of this TV box is the attractive part which people love about it. You can stream the Islamic videos on it all day long as it supports android version 6.0. You can play the Islamic lectures and listen to them. The Mix Box contains the remote control which you have to set up through the Bluetooth. It operates on the Android TV box to give directions and make the settings which you want to. You can listen to naat by playing it through the remote control and easy change through different options.

If you have saved some of the content, you can view it in the saved list through the remote control access. It makes the navigation easier for you to when you are operating it on the television. It has the video profile for 4K and supports HDMI cable too. So even if you want to connect to the laptop, you can do that and navigate through the remote control. It is adorable and versatile at the same time but to keep in mind that it does not come with the Ethernet support so you will have to connect it through the Wi-Fi connection only.

H96 Pro Plus Android TV Box Remote

H96 TV box is a great device which has built-in support for the SD card. So if you wish to have extra storage, then you can keep it in the SD card also. Itis made of plastic has the remote in its box to be operated. You have to setup the box through the remote settings by connecting it through the Wi-Fi. You can download various videos out of YouTube related to Islamic lectures through this box. It supports the 3GB RAM and comes with the HDMI support.

It supports the versions of 7.1 Android along with having two ports for USB. You can connect the USB and by selecting the options from the remote control, play your favorite naat. The remote is light in weight has multiple options like start, stop pause and also forward options. So if you want to forward the lecture, you can do it directly from the remote.

MXQ Pro TV Box

In this box, you will be able to find the TV box, adapter,and the amazing remote control. The remote control has multiple features on it such as you can play, pause, stop, reverse and toward the Islamic lectures on the MXQ Pro TV Box. If you want to skip the section, you can do it directly from the remote and do not have to get up.

Everything is done on the remote for this device,and it performs with high-quality content to the users. It is easy to set up with the guide inside the box,and as you follow the instructions through the remote, you will be able to set it up within minutes. It supports the audio, video and has a strong power supply. The storage if for 8 GB with the 3GB RAM. It also has the SD card slot for you to save any other data in it if you wish to keep it for the future preferences.

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