Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps You Can’t Miss In 2019

VR a.k.a. Virtual Reality is one of the emerging technologies that will be taking over the tech industry in the upcoming years. Apart from this the technology of virtual reality is also considered as an advanced and future-based technology so let’s have a look at what future holds for it.

This can be done by listing some of the best Virtual Reality (VR) apps that a tech enthusiast can’t afford to miss. Keep on reading to know what are the top VR (Virtual Reality) applications that you can’t miss in 2019.

Top VR (Virtual Reality) Apps To Try in 2019

So if you are someone who thinks that the whole concept of virtual reality revolves around gaming then let us allow to change your mind with this list of best VR apps:

Fulldive VR

This virtual reality application claims itself to be a ‘Social All-in-One VR Platform’, but what does that actually means? As per the Fulldive VR app, it serves as a platform where the end-users can perform a ton of activities. Some of these activities are browsing through the wide range of VR content, share meaningful finds with others etc.

Google Cardboard, Daydream, iOS and Android are the platform supported by the fulldive VR application and you can easily download this app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Some of the key features of Fulldive VR are as follows:

  • Can stream all YouTube videos in VR
  • Option to stream 3D YouTube videos in virtual reality mode
  • Users can stream 360 YouTube videos in VR
  • Play all videos on your phone in both 2D and 3D players
  • The feature of VR browser
  • It can also take pictures in VR
  • You can store and access your pictures as well as videos in virtual reality
  • Option to browse for new virtual reality apps
  1. NYT VR

Next in the list is NYT VR app which is mainly known to take the style of 360 filmmaking to an entirely new level. Even though this trend of virtual reality in filmmaking is new, it is currently being accepted by viewers with great enthusiasm. For example, the New York Times is directing and producing some great masterpieces in the sector of 360 VR videos which can be also watched on smartphones.  

Android, iPhone, and Samsung Gear VR are the platforms supported by this virtual reality app of NYT VR. The tech enthusiasts can directly download this VR application from iTunes, Oculus and even Google Play Store.

Apart from this, NYT is known to follow the most innovative and latest user interface trends to keep themselves ahead in the industry.

Some of the key features of NYT VR are as follows:

  • It offers exclusive 360 videos just for Cardboard
  • Feature to play videos on the smartphone-only mode
  • Users get push notifications when VR new films are launched
  • Option to stream or download films in virtual reality
  • It has spatial audio
  • This app has daydream mode enabled
  1. Cardboard

Google Earth VR also known as Google Cardboard is an innovative virtual reality app that mainly focuses on the entertainment factor of the end-user. It is hands down one of the most unique apps that you should definitely check out this year. Cardboard is both educational as well as enjoyable as it allows you to learn the earth’s geography in an interesting and a fun way.  

Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard are the platforms that are supported by the virtual reality app of Cardboard. In case you wish to try out this VR application, you can install Cardboard from the Google Play Store, Steam, and Oculus.

Some of the key features of Carboard are as follows:

  • You can glide where as per your wish on the Google Earth
  • Take tour guides and visit multiple uniques destinations
  • Option to watch all your videos on an interactive screen
  • Users can closely examine famous cultural artifacts each and every angle
  • With the option of ‘photo sphere’, users can look around the shots captured by them
  • The feature of ‘arctic journey’ allows users to create their own flower garden and just relax in a world built by them
  1. Within

With the help of this virtual reality application, you have the option to discover the best of the best VR content only from the world’s finest Virtual Reality (VR) creators on a single platform. This VR technology is here to offer you immersive and innovative experiences that are almost impossible to experience in real life in such a short span of time. Just get ready with your VR (Virtual Reality) headset and start your journey to a new world where imagination meets reality.

The platforms supported by this virtual reality application are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR, PSVR, and Google Cardboard. Apart from this, users also have the option to download this app from Stream, Google Play Store, and Oculus.

Some of the key features of Within are as follows:

  • Users can watch highly popular content in virtual reality
  • This app works with Google Cardboard and other Google Cardboard–certified viewers
  • Option to download individual videos and sync your smartphone into the viewer to watch in VR mode
  • It even works without a viewer device by becoming a ‘magic window’ and delivering 360 VR experience to its users.
  • High quality and realistic 3D spatial VR audio support
  • It has partnered with Apple, NYT, NBC, Vice Media, Muse, and many more well-known brands.

So these were some of the virtual reality (VR) apps that you should check out in 2019. But in order to make an amazing VR application, you also need to hire the top-notch VR mobile app development companies from all across the globe to work on your projects. So if you have a great idea for your VR app, you also need to hire an organization that can transform your app idea to an app reality!

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